How To Make Interior Of Your Home With Vastu Shastra ?

With increasing, modernization peoples are going toward new styles, idea and brand new concept in every sector. Interior designing is in trend. But Interior designing have some facts with affect your home atmosphere. Interior designing has many parameters which are very essential while you design. Every interior has produces some positive and negative energies which affect in our life. Vastu Shastra is one of a very important parameter which is required while designing any home, bungalow, villa, office, etc. When you design with right mind setup of Vastu Shastra it will beneficial for your family. Sometimes designing a house without any proper guidelines can occur bad luck and problems. It will make people irritating, disconnected, depressed, uncomfortable and feeling alone. Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which covers interior designing brings a house that is not only well designed and constructed but also a place where happiness, health, wealth, connection, development, success, etc. exist Your home is an extension of your body and spirit.

Here are some tips for Vastu Shastra interior designing which is used for positive energy production.

Vastu for house zone:-   

When you are constructing a new home keep in mind the house zone and the entry side of the house. House zone is categorized into two types positive and negative. According to Vastu North, East and Northeast are positive zones and others is a negative zone. So when you design your house keep in mind that your house should be in the positive zone as well as your entrance also keep in a positive zone. Entrance keep as to when you enter your home so your face should be on the south side and when you exit to your home your face should be in the North or east direction. Always use good quality material and stylish well designed wooden door.



Vastu for Kitchen:

Kitchen is the heart of the house. Food item kept and cooking is done in the kitchen. Kitchen is a very powerful area for interior designing in Vastu term. If you design kitchen in the right way according to Vastu so it will help us in gaining health. According to Vastu, all heating electronics appliances are kept in the south-east direction of the kitchen. Fireplaces like a stove, gas cylinder, other more in the right corner of the kitchen. Always kept Wash Basin in the north direction an in L shape. There are more many small Vastu tips which are used to get more happiness and healthy life for the family.

Vastu for Bedroom:

A bedroom is the most private and personalized space in a home. Bedroom reflects its user lifestyle, behavior, his goal, successes, and dreams. If a designer design bedroom for the client it should be known clients choice and his expectations. A right direction of bedroom cause of Health and prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra, the South-west direction is ideal for the bedroom. Always keep the light color in the bedroom. A perfect Vastu designer bedroom makes a strong connection between couples.



Vastu for Mirrors:

A mirror is known to be those objects that shine and reflect. Some Vastu experts say mirror reflects our original character and home atmosphere. The mirror is the main reason for losses and misery if you don’t use it according to Vastu. Always kept it in positive zone at the home so it reflects positivity in the whole home. The best direction for mirror placing is east or north face. If you place it in the North corner so it covers all negative energies and maximizes positive energies. Also using the mirror in the bedroom can lead to conflict between the couple that is why it is better to have a different separate dressing room with mirror covered.

Vastu for Living Room:-

According to interior Vastu if your home faces west direction then the living room should be in the north and east direction. Your living room is an extension of your body and spirit. Vastu advices you that furniture should be placed in the west and south wall side but not touched them in the living room. The designer always kept in mind any type of crying, war, and misery type’s photos should not place in the living room. Always use the soothing shade of white, blue, yellow and green color for living room.

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